CHS Country Operations employees landscape at inner-city school

IMG_20160524_153313472-Crew1 On May 24, 2016, eight Country Operations employees traveled to Hope Academy, a private K-12 Christian school located in south Minneapolis to assist  with landscaping. The group spent a beautiful, sunny afternoon planting flowers near the front entrance and along the sidewalk facing Chicago Avenue. Employees also assisted with mowing and trimming the lawn.

As staff and other visitors entered and exited the front door, they were appreciative of the transformation of the formerly bare area.

After the group finished volunteering, they were taken on a tour of the school, including a roof-top view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline and U.S. Bank Stadium.

” I felt it was a very fulfilling project,” says Laurie Lenertz, Country Operations. “It was impressive to hear Hope’s story and what they have accomplished. The students were very respectful towards the school and staff.”

Hope Academy serves the inner-city of Minneapolis, offering low-income students the opportunity for rigorous coursework to prepare them for higher education. Enrollment has grown from 35 students in 2000, its first year, to 425 students in the 2015-16 school year.  With more than 70% of the families at Hope coming from low-income home, Hope Academy relies on its Partnership Sponsorship Program to cover more than 80% of the education costs for their students.

Their educational model relies heavily on parental involvement is an integral part of the child’s education. As an example of the results achieved by Hope’s students, in Math, 75% of Hope students are at grade level and above, compared to 24% for neighborhood schools. In Reading, 81% of Hope students are at grade level and above, compared to 28% for neighborhood schools.

-Submitted by Roberta Shandorf, CHS Country Operations


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